Our Philosophy

Find a better way to beauty

When you choose to visit Splendor Organic Salon you are choosing a healthier and more responsible way to beauty. Splendor’s services and products are the safest and most natural, from companies that care. Salon style and spa relaxation can be safe for you, your family and our world.

We truly live our mission: to embody, promote, and facilitate a healthier planet, green living and sustainable practices.

Splendor Organic Salon has been the area’s leader in eco-chic, sustainable, all natural and all organic beauty care.  Providing all-natural, non-toxic and organic professional body, face and hair products and services.


  • All products are organic, non-toxic, biodegradable and cruelty-free.
  • All Salon Products used on clients and sold as retail have 100% product ingredient disclosure.
  • All products are manufactured by green, sustainable companies who follow strict environment-friendly manufacturing procedures including: using recycled packaging, soy inks, organic plant based ingredients, non-use of synthetic, toxic or non-renewable ingredients.
Fume Free Salon: no ammonia hair color used.

No ammonia means coloring your hair in the most gentle way possible. When you color hair with harsh. aggressive chemicals, you damage the hair. This leads to color-fading, dry, lifeless, brittle hair with little to no shine or bounce. Isn’t it time you treated your hair better?

No ammonia also means no harmful, unhealthy fumes that can lead to everything from allergic reactions to bronchial damage. If something makes your eyes water, your nose burn, and causes your head to burn and itch, (sometimes for days) why would you continue to use it when there’s a better, healthier way?
Using haircolor that is made in the healthiest way for you, is healthier for all of us. Fewer toxic chemicals washing down the drain means less environmental impact overall.
In short: Love the earth!